Panhandle Area Community Outreach exists to bring people together to pursue common goals. We are stronger because of our partnerships, and we are proud of these relationships.

Consortium of Florida Education Foundations

Panhandle Area Community Outreach currently serves as the fiscal agent for the PACO Education Foundation, which is part of the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations (CFEF). The consortium works with local education foundations to increase their capacity and resources through partnership with key stakeholders.

Through the consortium, state funds provide $1 for $1 match incentives for charitable giving to increase student achievement. Since 2001, Liberty County has missed out on more than $170,000 in matching funds because our community has lacked an organization to seek these dollars.

Funds can be used in six programmatic areas determined by local education foundation leaders as priorities for advancing student achievement in Florida: increasing graduation rates, teaching quality, literacy; Low-Performing Students; STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) Education; and Career/Technical Education.

The PACO Education Foundation raises funds for matching grant dollars. You can help in the following ways:

Private Sector Matching:
Check with your employer to see if they have a matching funds program.
Individual Contributions

Plan a Legacy Gift:
Talk to your estate planner to explore options for leaving the PACO Education Foundation a legacy gift

Host a Fundraising Event:
Whether it’s a bake sale or a sit-down dinner, any event that helps the PACO Education Foundation raise funds is so important. Contact us for more information or to discuss your idea.

Donate to the Foundation

PACO Education Foundation Council

The PACO Education Foundation Council is governed by the PACO board of directors and has deciding authority for which grants will be funded. The council meets quarterly to discuss the business of the Education Foundation. All community members are encouraged to attend to have a voice and to volunteer with fundraising efforts. Visit our calendar to get information about the next meeting.

Liberty County Community Coalition

The federal government’s model for community coalitions brings the strength of 12 community sectors together to identify challenges, combine resources, address unmet needs and strengthen the community.

Panhandle Area Community Outreach has joined forces with the existing Liberty County Community Coalition and is forming an Advisory Board of Strategic Community Partners to bring together these twelve important sectors of our community.

Grounded in asset-based community development principles, we believe “people are the solution to their own challenges, not agencies, institutions or governments.” Empowering people to be the problem solvers is the sustainable path to a thriving, happy community.

Get Involved

Every dollar, every referral, every partnership and every supportive idea is greatly appreciated!

How to Get Involved