Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people and opportunities, to provide community-wide program development, and to expand supports, services and information for our residents.


Connecting community leaders and stakeholders to work together is the key to our success as a community organization.


Strengthening and empowering local residents to become the agents of change within their community will maximize solidarity and results.


Delivering a strong social impact with the resources that we are provided is essential to our collective success.

About Us

Panhandle Area Community Outreach is a grassroots organization driven by local professionals with a passion for our community.

The need in our rural communities for services, connectivity and collaboration is real. What services exist do so in silos, and we lose so much momentum by not working together.

We envision a better way; a shared goal that unites us, giving us a way to work together toward a stronger consumer base for future supports, services and resources.

This organization cares so much about our community. Together, with over a combined century of years vested in Liberty County, we are committed to building opportunities for collaboration, leading to more and better resources, community support and visibility.

Get to know our leaders

Every member of the current board of directors was born and grew up in the Panhandle of Florida, and each person has a strong commitment to Liberty County and a devoted interest in its future. We are extremely proud of our leadership team, and our board members welcome questions and feedback.